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"A tree is known by its fruit"

Welcome to guinacot national high school

Welcome to the website of Guinacot National High School!  This website is dedicated to our alma mater and its alumni and is designed to facilitate information dissemination as we step forward to the age of information technology.

Alumni, students, teachers and parents are all welcome in this place. Together let us continue building a community where everyone care, and dares to be different.

For all that has been and for all that will be, Guinacot National High School is the witness on how we struggled from learning the basics to learning for life. So let us all shout & say, Mabuhay GNHS!

Gallery:  The humble school campus where students learn from A B C's up to Physics.


Guinacot National High School is a public High School found in Guinacot, Guindulman, Bohol Philippines.  It was formerly known as Guinacot Baranggay High School at its humble beginning with buildings made of bamboo and nipa.

It was build through the initiative of the People of the Baranggay through the support of their Brgy. Leaders.

Majority of the students in Guinacot belongs to poor families.  Since our Government cannot really provide everything, at present the school really need more enhancement in terms of facilities, books, computers, and laboratory equipments.

We welcome donors from all over the world. Those who are kind-hearted millionaires may donate.  Your kind support is very much appreciated.

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