Guinacot High School Alumni Association

"A tree is known by its fruit"

getting to know gnhs

Guinacot National High School is a Pilot school in Bohol best known for its beautiful landscape, clean and green environment, dedicated and dynamic teachers.

It has been a model school and students from other schools always consider it as a tour destination.

From its humble beginning of buildings with bamboo walls, it has evolved into a well known institution who produced thousands of graduates already since its foundation years.

From the leadership of its founding fathers to the dedication and drive of its Administrators and faculty, Guinacot Barangay High School molded every Guinacotnon to become a better citizen of the society and eventually grown into a National institution and served not only the people of Guinacot but also its nearby Baranggays and even nearby towns.

We awe it from the people. we awe it from the founding fathers. GNHS yesterday, today and tomorrow will remain steadfast and unwavering!

gnhs mission

Provides quality education to the learners through adequate learning facilities managed by dedicated and spiritually motivated teachers and participative stakeholders to produce highly skilled and morally upright individuals.

gnhs vision

Guinacot National High School is a progressive institution of learning manned by dedicated, committed and competent school administrator and teachers with a supportive and proud stakeholders thus, producing a highly skilled and morally upright individuals who are ready to face the world of work.

school adopted motto

A Tree is known by its Fruit

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Department of Education logo

Pursuant to Rule 8, Chapter 6, Sections 49, 50 and 51 of Republic Act (RA) No. 8491 otherwise known as the Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines, the Office of the Secretary has released the official seal of the Department of Education (DepEd) duly approved by the Office of the President, Malacanang, Manila.

The DepEd official seal shall be utilized in all official communications, and it shall be released to all DepEd national, regional, division, district, schools, and other field offices.

It may appear in three (3) colors or in black and white, and in different sizes with the following symbolism and specifications:

  • Shield stylized open hands: supporting the two (2) sea lions represents DepEd as a caring and nurturing institution;
  • Two (2) Sea Lions: holding an open book over a plate symbolize leadership and excellence; and
  • Open Book and Lighted Torch: radiating its light over the Philippine archipelago represent the quest for knowledge.
  • Colors: taken from the Philippine Flag
Blue - signifies peace Cable No.: 80173
Red - signifies burning desire to learn (Cable No.: 80108)
Golden Yellow - signifies quest for knowledge (Cable No.: 80068)
DepEd advises schools that the meaning and message of the DepEd official seal should be carefully explained to the pupils and students.

DepEd Seal Symbolism

SHIELD (stylized open hands)
represents DepEd as a caring and nurturing institution.

holding an open book over a rope symbolize leadership and excellence

radiating its light over the Philippine archipelago represent the quest for knowledge and the practice of values and skills inculcated in every Filipino by DepEd

taken from the Philippine flag

Blue - denotes peace

Red - denotes burning desire to learn

The School logo

Usually schools under the Department of Education and most especially public schools just adopt the design of the DepED logo for their own use. The name of the School is used as label at the outer rim  in stead of the Department of Education label.

Here is a Version of the DepED logo that is Customized to be used as Guinacot High School Logo.  You can download the logo for school use or for alumni use.

The Synbolism of the Logo must be the same as that of the National Office since GNHS is under its mandate.

Here is another logo but is customized for any other purpose it may serve.  Feel FREE to download and use this for yourself.

Should you have any comments or suggestions about the logo, please feel free to do so.

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