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Make a Difference

Posted by GNHS on July 29, 2011 at 6:55 PM

Teaching according to many is the noblest profession. I don't know exactly the reason why and I always end up disagreeing that idea. I am not convinced even though I have experienced teaching.  Not until I found this beatiful inspirational movie every teacher should watch. 

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Teaching indeed is a noble profession. You are changing lives, you are molding people.

So the next time you hold a chalk and talk in front of the students, ask this simple question;

Am I making a Difference as a TEAChER?

well, making a difference is not only a teacher's challenge rather a universal challenge each one should response.  It needs some review of our plans, or the actions we have done.  It demands listening to our inner self, our conscience, so that every time we meet a person, we can ask ourselves, "What good thing can I do to this person to make a difference?"

With this I remember the saying which goes, "Be kind, for every person you meet is fighting a harder battle".  Yes, it is true. Even a rich person we always imagined of having a very good life is fighting a harder battle. Maybe bigger than what you have today. Don't you notice nga mga dato, dinato pod ug mga sakit na? hehe. They are fighting a difficult battle nga usahay makaingon ta, "a maajo pay pobre mongisi na makakaon ug buwad". samot nag sinunubang manok bisaya nga gisaktan ug kamunggay. Bisag buwad ra gani nga nokos sud-an inom2x nag tuba pagkahoman. haha. see? (pero ajawg kumpyansa sa buwad nga nokos kay arang mahala na sa department store. hehe)

As for me, I sometimes always forgot this thing. :D Yes, most of the time we think of ourselves and we forgot that there are significant others that we need to consider more than our selves.

It is a challenge for everyone. Are you ready to face that challenge? Try it today after watching the movie and reading this.  You will be surprised by the result!


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