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Posted by Franklin Castulo on August 19, 2011 at 9:25 PM

My father was not lucky enough to finish college. He come from a poor family (until now poor parin kami. jeje) with parents who have chosen to be practical or in other words, has stopped dreaming bigger things for their children. Marami naman pong ganyang in our society today. Maybe we can call them irresponsible parents, o minsan, talagang kapos lang and they have to choose not to send their children to school. 

To make the long story short, hanggang grade six lang po ang natapos ng papa ko. But he is an acheiver! Kaso, when his name was called, he has no choice but to go up stage, with his old slippers na sira na at may butas pa raw ang shorts nya. :D  kita ang lubot. 

Pero bisag ing-ana ahong papa, one thing I am proud of about my father is that, he never forget the parts of speech! Hmm. wag kag magkamali. Kung alanganin ka, mapapahiya ka lang sa papa ko if you have graduated a degree and yet you don't know the parts of speech. ;) Another thing I am proud of my father is his capability to do a lot of things para lang may makain ang pamilya everyday. Mag habal2x, mag panday, mangisda, magfarming bisag unsa para makakaon. I even remember sauna mosaka na cja sa balimbing aron ibaligja ang bunga. naa pod mi lansones, impas pod baligja nija bunga kay wa lagi kwarta.

When I was a little boy, I always remember how my father coached my ate to excell in school. From Singing to Poem rendition, to Oration, my ate really excell and even become champion in those fields. That was because of my father. :)

When my sister was one year old, my father wrote a POEM. It was simple yet meaningful. The poem was then used by my ate when she was in elemtary, and won the first prize! :) Until now I still remember how my father coached my ate how to render that poem he wrote and most probably, I will do the same to my kids. :)

I actually wanted to submit the poem to a book publisher. That was my plan, but until now I can't find a good contact, so I decided to share it here.

I just realized we are now in the Month of August and I remember we are celebrating Lingo ng Wika sa buwang ito.  It is a common experience that during this month most schools have  to have lots of contests like Singing OPM songs, Dance competitions, and POEM competitions.

I want to build a legacy for my father. So if you're into a POEM contest, or maybe your KIDS, you may consider using my father's peice and please inform me if you or your child win the contest. =)

Here it goes:


(by: Benjamin Amparo Castulo)
Año 1980

Ama at ina ay dakila
sa tahanan pasan ay problema
lalo't magsiiyak na ang mga anak nila,
sa mukha ng ama't ina ay mababasa ang pag-aalala.

Amang pulubi ay subsob sa pag-saka
inang maralita, sa paglalaba, hirap ng katawan ay 'di alintana
ang pagsisikap nila ay pinagsasama-sama
upang tayong mga anak ay mapalaki nila.

Pulubing ama, maralitang ina
dusa at hirap ay kanilang tinatamasa
halika anak, idilat ang iyong mga mata
gumising sa katotohanan!
igalang at mahalin ang dakilang ama't ina.


So the poem is short right? Easy for kids to learn and memorize.  I recommend you use it in a contest. :)

Come August 31st is my father's birthday and I want to give him a tribute in silence that even if he know next to nothing about this, I know he will be happy and proud if only he knew it. =)

Are you a father of cute kids? Do the same as my father did! Be a good coach, take time to teach them, be their guide for good, and even if they sometimes don't appreciate it in direct manner,  for sure they do, and they will not forget it for the rest of their lives like I do. =)


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